Water-based wetting agent HD1919

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This water-based wetting agent has excellent wettability for all kinds of colors and fillers. It is suitable for all kinds of colors or mixed slurry in water-based system.It can significantly reduce the surface tension of the water-based system, improve the dispersion performance of various dispersants, and help eliminate pinhole (fisheye).Good color development, can effectively reduce the system of floating color, flower phenomenon, increase luster;It can be used together with various water-based wetting agents and dispersants, and has good mixed performance.It can significantly improve the compatibility of water-based polymer emulsion to powders containing polyvalent metal ions and prevent demulsification.

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Performance indicators
Appearance yellowish
solid content 50±2
Viscosity.cps 200-1000CPS
PH 6.5-7.5

Used as an additive for coating production, it plays the role of wetting and penetration, increasing molecular surface activity and adhesion

Wetting agent, penetration, increase molecular surface activity, fast drying

1. Description:
Wetting agent, a chemical, is a clear light yellow liquid, mainly used in waterborne coatings, printing inks.

2. Application fields:
This product can be used for:
Waterborne paint, printing ink, wetting agent it can significantly improve the inorganic pigment has excellent wetting and dispersion ability, improve the color intensity;Pigment storage stability;To enhance the compatibility of water-based resin and emulsion in alkaline medium;Good water resistance;
Alkylphenol-free ethoxy compounds contain no solvent.

3. Storage and packaging:
A. All emulsions/additives are water-based and there is no risk of explosion when transported.
B. 200 kg/iron/plastic drum.1000 kg/pallet.
C. Flexible packaging suitable for 20 ft container is optional.
D. Stable at room temperature for at least 12 months.Avoid temperatures below 4 ° C or above 40 ° C.


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