soil stabilizer/fireproofing dust-depressor/sand solidification agent/Water – based sand – fixing agent polymer emulsion HD904

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This raw material is specialized in the production of water-based sand fixing agent. The raw material can be directly assembled into the finished product of sand fixing agent.Convenient and fast;;Sand – fixing agent is a water – soluble product with high permeability.Designed for the existing concrete floor due to poor construction, wear resistance, low strength, and produced sand. Spray directly on the concrete surface layer, penetrate into the oncrete interior, activate the cement hydration reaction, and then improve the concrete water tightness, strength, improve the concrete resistance Pressure and wear resistance.Easy to use, and does not affect the use of the original floor.That can be directly sprayed can also add water after spraying.

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Performance indicators
Appearance milk white liquid
solid content 46.0±2
Viscosity.cps 3000-7000CPS
PH 7.5-8.5
TG 18

Sand fixing agent, strong penetration of solid

High strength, highly permeable and cohesive force, antifouling, mildewproof, anti-permeability doubled

1. Describe
Soil stabilizer polymer emulsion HD904 is used for soil hardening.The soil is sprayed with hardeners, stirred and compacted with a road roller to form a watertight hard road of specific strength for walking and vehicle traffic.The properties of the polymer emulsion affect the strength, water resistance, wear resistance and aging resistance of the road.

2. Main functions and advantages
A low VOC.
B.There is no smell

3. Typical attributes

4. The application
Dust control
• quarry
• Mines (especially coal)
• inventory
• Landfills
• Unpaved roads
• Transportation of materials/minerals • Agricultural roads
• Military operations
• Construction sites
• Parking lot stabilizers
• Slope erosion control
Helicopter and runway stabilizers

5. Typical recipe
Please contact our sales for formula information or OEM factory.We have a research and development team that can develop exclusive products according to your unique requirements.

6. Storage and packages
A. All emulsions/additives are water-based and there is no risk of explosion when transported.
B. 200 kg/iron/plastic drum.1000 kg/pallet.
C. Flexible packaging suitable for 20 ft container is optional.
D. The recommended storage temperature is 5-35℃ and the storage time is 6 months.Do not place in direct sunlight or minus 0 degrees Celsius.


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