Water-based paint additives

  • Water-based dispersant  HD1818

    Water-based dispersant HD1818

    Dispersant is the various powders reasonably dispersed in the solvent, through a certain charge repulsion principle or polymer steric hindrance effect, so that all kinds of solid is very stable suspension in the solvent (or dispersion).Dispersant is a kind of interfacial active agent with opposite properties of oleophilic and hydrophilic in molecule.It can uniformly disperse solid and liquid particles of inorganic and organic pigments that are difficult to dissolve in liquid.
    The highly efficient and environmentally friendly water-based dispersant is non-flammable and non-corrosive, and can be infinitely soluble with water, insoluble in ethanol, acetone, benzene and other organic solvents.It has excellent dispersing effect on kaolin, titanium dioxide, calcium carbonate, barium sulfate, talcum powder, zinc oxide, iron oxide yellow and other pigments, and is also suitable for dispersing mixed pigments.

  • High elastic sealant special waterborne thickener HD1717

    High elastic sealant special waterborne thickener HD1717

    This thickener is professional to produce high elastic glue water, cannot be used for production of coatings, the product 35% solid content, form a strong support for gel, stable, shaping effect and is used in high elastic glue very classic a thickening agent (different from ordinary thickener, increase at the same time increase the viscosity of consistency).It can be adjusted at will according to the thin consistency of fresh glue, convenient and efficient;

  • Water-based wetting agent HD1919

    Water-based wetting agent HD1919

    This water-based wetting agent has excellent wettability for all kinds of colors and fillers. It is suitable for all kinds of colors or mixed slurry in water-based system.It can significantly reduce the surface tension of the water-based system, improve the dispersion performance of various dispersants, and help eliminate pinhole (fisheye).Good color development, can effectively reduce the system of floating color, flower phenomenon, increase luster;It can be used together with various water-based wetting agents and dispersants, and has good mixed performance.It can significantly improve the compatibility of water-based polymer emulsion to powders containing polyvalent metal ions and prevent demulsification.