High elastic sealant special waterborne thickener HD1717

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This thickener is professional to produce high elastic glue water, cannot be used for production of coatings, the product 35% solid content, form a strong support for gel, stable, shaping effect and is used in high elastic glue very classic a thickening agent (different from ordinary thickener, increase at the same time increase the viscosity of consistency).It can be adjusted at will according to the thin consistency of fresh glue, convenient and efficient;

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Performance indicators
Appearance milky white
solid content 35±2
Viscosity.cps 95KU±5
PH 2.0-4.0

Used for coating, sealant, waterborne paint and other additives

Elevated viscosity, four seasons stable state

1. Description:
Thickening agent is a new functional polymer material, mainly used to improve the viscosity or consistency of products, with small dosage, obvious thickening, easy to use and so on.

2. Application fields:
It is widely used in pharmaceutical, printing and dyeing, cosmetics, food additives, oil extraction, paper making, leather processing and other industries.

3. Storage and packaging:
A. All emulsions/additives are water-based and there is no risk of explosion when transported.
B. 200 kg/iron/plastic drum.1000 kg/pallet.
C. Flexible packaging suitable for 20 ft container is optional.
D. This product should be stored in a cool and dry environment, avoid moisture and rain.The storage temperature is 5 ~ 40℃, and the storage period is about 12 months.


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