Water-based ceramic tile gum

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This type of adhesive can be used for stone, ceramic tile, marble wall paving, can also be used for ground, wall cement.With excellent adhesion and strength and toughness, strengthen the substrate fastness.

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Used for the production of all kinds of stone, ceramic tile, marble and other plates of gum

Good permeability, excellent adhesion and strong toughness, strengthen the substrate fastness

1. Description:
Ceramic tile back glue is made by high quality polymer emulsion and inorganic silicate composite products, ceramic tile back glue can be used with a variety of composite binding material, ceramic tile paste system, greatly improve the ceramic tile and primary force of paste, ceramic tile adhesive back on the standard concrete slab and glazed tile with good performance, safety performance is greatly improved.It is specially used for the back treatment of wet glazed brick, effectively improving the bonding strength between glazed brick and adhesive material, and solving the common problems of hollow bulging and falling off in wet glazed brick.Also applicable to low bibulous rate, quality of a material compact, smooth surface of the stone material and other brick backside processing.

2. Main Functions and Advantages:
Green products,
Good flexibility, hardening shrinkage, strong compatibility with cement-based binder, bond firm;
It has certain anti-seepage performance;Anti-aging performance.
Freeze-thaw resistance, long-term care, long life, crack resistance and extension ability
Excellent acid, alkali and corrosion resistance;
Convenient construction, low cost, no shovel net zero damage, save time and labor;

3. Application fields:
Indoor and outdoor suitable for the smooth transformation after the removal of concrete frame slab;Low water absorption rate of glass brick, antique brick, cultural stone, polished brick, artificial stone, natural marble, porcelain, etc.Prevent cement batching fan ash falling off;Anti-wall paint open fission yellow;Waterproof and anti-shedding of old wall renovation

Before besmear is brushed, the back of the glass changed brick is wiped clean with wet cloth, and the material that affects adhesion such as the oil stain, protective agent, release agent on the back of the face brick material is removed.
Prepare the tile adhesive and mix the tile adhesive into a uniform mixture.
Brush or roll coating can be used.With brush, roller will be mixed with gum evenly coated on the back of the decorative brick material, it is recommended to use the “cross method” evenly coated a layer, to avoid leakage coating.
Stay for more than 5 hours,The next construction procedure can be carried out after the gum is completely dry.

5. Ceramic tile gum note:
During the construction period and within one day of completion, the base and environmental temperature should be in 5 ~ 35℃, and the materials that have just been constructed should be avoided by dousing in water for one day.
This product is not allowed to be diluted with water and mixed with any other agents, the mixed material should be used up within the specified time, over time is not allowed to be mixed again.
After completion of construction, maintenance and protection work should be done to prevent pollution, collision and damage.
In case of eye contact with this product, please seek medical treatment in time.

6. Storage and packaging:
A. All emulsions/additives are water-based and there is no risk of explosion when transported.
B. 25kg/iron/plastic drum.
C. Flexible packaging suitable for 20 ft container is optional.
D. This product should be stored in a cool and dry environment, avoid moisture and rain.The storage temperature is 5 ~ 40℃, and the storage period is about 6 months.


Water-based ceramic tile gum

Water-based ceramic tile gum (1)

Water-based ceramic tile gum (2)

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