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coalescent agent

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The product has high boiling point, excellent environmental performance, good miscibility, low volatility, easy to be absorbed by latex particles, and can form excellent continuous coating film. It IS USED FOR THE FILM FORMING MATERIAL WITH EXCELLENT PERFORMANCE IN LATEX PAINT, can greatly improve the film forming performance of LATEX paint, effective NOT only to pure C, BENZENE C, VINEGAR C emulsion, effective to vinyl acetate emulsion as well. Besides CAN OBVIOUSLY REDUCE THE LOWEST film TEMPERATURE OF LATEX PAINT, but also can improve the COALescence of latex paint, weather resistance, scrub resistance and color, so that the film has good storage stability at the same time.

Product introduction and features

General emulsion will have a film temperature, when the ambient temperature is lower than the emulsion film temperature, the emulsion is not easy to film, film forming auxiliaries can improve the emulsion film machine, help film forming. The film forming agent volatilizes after film forming, which will not affect the characteristics of the film.
Supplement, latex paint system film additive refers to alcohol ester 12, in the development of latex paint system, film additive in different stages
The specific products are also different, from 200 oil, to ethylene glycol, and finally latex paint system is commonly used alcohol ester 12!


1, architectural coatings high-grade automotive coatings and repair coatings coil coatings
2. Environmental protection carrier solvent for textile printing and dyeing
3, used in ink, paint stripping agent, adhesive, cleaning agent and other industries Usage.

package and transport

B. This product can be used,25KG,200KG,1000KG BARREL.
C. Store sealed in a cool, dry and ventilated place indoors. Containers should be tightly sealed after each use before use.
D. This product should be sealed well during transportation to prevent moisture, strong alkali and acid, rain and other impurities from mixing.

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