emulsifying agent M31

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Emulsifier is a kind of substance that can make a mixture of two or more immiscible components form a stable emulsion.Its action principle is in the process of emulsion, the dispersed phase in the form of droplets (microns) dispersed in the continuous phase, it reduces the interfacial tension of each component in the mixed system, and the droplet surface to form a solid film or due to the charge of emulsifier is given in the droplet surface formation of electric double layer, prevent droplets gather each other, and to maintain uniform emulsion.From a phase point of view, the emulsion is still heterogeneous.The dispersed phase in the emulsion can be water phase or oil phase, most of which are oil phase.The continuous phase can be either oil or water, and most of them are water.An emulsifier is a surfactant with a hydrophilic group and a lipophilic group in the molecule.In order to express the hydrophilic or lipophilic properties of emulsifier, “hydrophilic lipophilic equilibrium value (HLB value)” is usually used. The lower the HLB value, the stronger the lipophilic properties of emulsifier.On the contrary, the higher the HLB value, the stronger the hydrophilicity.Various emulsifiers have different HLB values. In order to obtain stable emulsions, appropriate emulsifiers must be selected

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Performance indicators
Appearance (25℃) Colorless to light yellow transparent liquid
Color (Hazen) ≤50
PH value (5% aqueous solution) 6.0~8.0
Free amine content, %≤0.7
Active substance, %30±2.0
Hydrogen peroxide, %≤0.2

1. Describe
M31 is a kind of excellent main emulsifier

2. Application fields
Main applications: widely used in the preparation of tableware detergent, shower gel, hand sanitizer, facial cleanser, children’s detergent, textile additives and other hard surface cleaning agents.
Recommended dosage: 2.0~15.0%

3. Usage:
Usage depends largely on the application system.The user should determine the best addition amount by experiment before use.

4. Usage:
The recommended dosage for main emulsifier is 2-15%

5. Storage and packages
A. All emulsions/additives are water-based and there is no risk of explosion when transported.
B. Packing specification: 25kg paper plastic composite bag.
C. Flexible packaging suitable for 20 ft container is optional.
D. Store in a cool and dry place.The storage time is 12 months.

This product has very good matching characteristics with positive, negative and non-positive ionic surfactants, which can significantly improve the performance of all aspects of the product;
In addition, it has excellent thickening, antistatic, softness and decontamination properties.
Excellent washing performance, rich and stable foam, mild nature;
Lauryl amine oxides can effectively reduce the irritation of anions in detergents, and have the characteristics of sterilization, calcium soap dispersion and easy biodegradation.


emulsifying agent   M31

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