Due to the relatively low VOC content of water-based coatings, they are becoming more and more popular among consumers. However, for some water-based paints, we will find that if not treated in time, it is easy to produce bubble holes and fish eyes, but some will not. What is the mystery in the middle? The answer is with or without adding water-based coating defoamer.

What additives are included in water-based coatings
Water-based coatings are mainly formulated with water as the solvent, and various additives will be added in the process of formulation, such as: drying agent, anti-mildew agent, fungicide, co-solvent, thickener, etc., to strengthen the performance of water-based coatings.

Why water-based paint blistering
From the above contained additives we can see that most of the additives contained in water-based coatings belong to surfactantsy1

which can easily cause foam generation. Especially in the mixing process of coating production machine, it is easier to produce a large amount of foam, and it is difficult to eliminate. The difference between why some of them foam up or why some of them do not foam up lies in whether or not the water-based coating defoamer is added.

Water-based coating defoamer can target the foam problem of water-based coatings, there is a good effect of defoaming and foam inhibition, for the foam problem of the coating, do not talk about it. Therefore, some water-based coatings do not foam because they contain water-based coating defoamer.

Adding water-based paint defoamer to water-based paint is comparable to giving the quality of the paint a grade up. It is a good partner for water-based coatings.

Advantages of water-based coating defoamer
Water-based coating defoamer is made of organic polyether ester as the main component by special process.

Advantages include: good emulsification, strong dispersibility, fast defoaming and foam inhibition. For water-based coatings foam problem, will not have a negative impact on the system, not easy to bleach oil broken emulsion. Easy and simple to use. Source manufacturers, high cost performance, more advantageous price.

Post time: Aug-15-2022