Dispersants are also surfactants. There are anionic, cationic, nonionic, amphoteric and polymeric types. The anionic type is used a lot. Dispersing agents are suitable for powders or caking that are susceptible to moisture and can be added to effectively loosen and prevent caking without affecting the performance of the body. It can be widely used in all kinds of food and medicine powder dispersant, feed, ammonium chloride and other fertilizer dispersant, coating dispersant, ceramic dispersant, non-phosphorus detergent, kaolin dispersant, cement additives, paper dispersant, circulating water dispersant and scale inhibitor, etc. The products have good anti-deposition effect.
       The role of dispersant is to use wetting dispersant to reduce the time and energy required to complete the dispersion process, stabilize the dispersed pigment dispersion, modify the surface properties of pigment particles, and adjust the motility of pigment particles. The specific uses of dispersants are reflected in the following aspects.
       1. For all kinds of food and medicine powder, the dispersant has excellent anti-crystallization effect, which can keep the quality of food and medicine from changing in a long time, and is an excellent and safe anti-crystallization agent.
       2. It is an anti-caking agent for chemical fertilizers (especially ammonium chloride, ammonium carbon), which can keep the loose effect of these moisture-absorbing and caking substances and prolong the product quality and use cycle.
       3. As a dispersant of pigment, it can realize the interaction between this product and pigment particles to realize the dispersion of pigment and ensure the uniformity of paint.
       4. As a detergent aid in synthetic detergents, this product has the function of dispersing dirt particles and calcium soap dirt, chelating multivalent particles, and has strong adsorption power to dirt particles. For improving the decontamination of particle detergent, it is 5 times greater than the commonly used sodium tripolyphosphate, and the dispersing ability of calcium soap is 6 times greater than sodium tripolyphosphate. Has a better anti-deposition effect, anti-acid significantly greater than sodium tripolyphosphate.
       5. scale inhibitor and dispersant for cooling circulating water can effectively stop calcium carbonate, calcium carbonate scale, dispersant can chelate calcium ions, so that the saturation concentration of calcium ions increased by several times, when the concentration of calcium ions is very high, there can also be scale precipitation, on the surface of the scale particles, prevent the scale from gathering to form large particles and precipitation, even if the formation of scale layer is also very loose, easy to be washed away by the water, so as to achieve the purpose of scale prevention, scale elimination.

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Post time: Aug-05-2022