Product Introduction :

Defoaming agent is a kind of defoaming agent compounded by a special process. Features: widely used in the manufacturing process of all kinds of adhesives used in the adhesive system of defoaming agent, easy to disperse, easy to use. In a wide range of pH and temperature with rapid defoaming effect and foam suppression function, can quickly eliminate foam, and has the effect of preventing foam regeneration, can be directly added to the ceramic tile gap after bonding. It is characterized by less dosage, easy to disperse in water, no floating, durable foam suppression, acid and alkali resistance, suitable for high temperature, and will not affect the quality of slurry due to demulsification or reaction with slurry.

Product features:

1. Strong defoaming ability and long bubble suppression time

2. High cost performance and good compatibility

3. It is suitable for defoaming and inhibiting bubbles in all walks of life

4, Defeng source supplier, cost-effective and small amount of addition

Product Application:

Application of daily chemical defoaming agent: Laundry detergent, toner, shampoo, washing products, soap, toner, dishwashing agent, car wash liquid, washing powder, laundry detergent, clothing washing, dry cleaner, softener, toner, car washing, cleaning detergent, perfume, skin care products, detergent, shower gel, dishwashing agent and other household chemicals, It can also be used in other industries and fields requiring a long time of defoaming and suppressing bubbles in a transparent system. (For more application scenarios, please contact online customer service for consultation)


1. Add raw liquid directly or in batches

2. According to different systems, the amount of antifoam agent can be 0.1-1%, and the amount of antifoam agent can be determined according to the specific situation of customers

3, before use can do a small test, to avoid abnormal conditions

Storage packaging:

Packing: This product is packed in 50KG, 120KG, 200KG plastic drums.

Storage: this product is not dangerous, not flammable, sealed storage in a cool, ventilated, dry place indoor. Use each time before use

The rear container should be strictly sealed. Shelf life is 12 months at about 25℃.

Transportation: the product should be well sealed during transportation, moistureproof, alkali strong acid and rain water and other impurities mixed.

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Post time: Aug-18-2022